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When you work with us, you get a dedicated financial advisor with proven time-tested solutions designed to fit your needs. It’s all about your TAX-FREE income!

How it Works

Most people finance their house but did you know you can finance your retirement plan?

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We have helped many business owners, doctors, and lawyers. As a foundational building block, this unique combination of your contributions contractually matched by a bank for 10 years helps to magnify your results.


We identify the keys issues that are important to you. With our custom designs, we tailor every policy to fit your needs.


Every proposal includes a brochure that thoroughly addresses all aspects of your program.

Tax-Free Retirement

Receive a custom strategy to help you reach Tax-Free Retirement Growth & Income!

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Answers to the most common questions about this program.

The 5 Payments Plan uses a Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy (FIUL) which requires a life insurance application, underwriting process and possibly an exam to qualify.

This does not involve a typical loan transaction. There is a brief loan application and simplified loan underwriting process. Other due diligence requirements are case by case.

The 5 Payment Plan is designed to use the life insurance cash value as your collateral. Through the proper design of your program, we minimize any additional collateral requirements. If any program should require the possibility of posting additional collateral we discuss this with the client.

The annual contributions are a critical aspect of this program, and participants should take necessary steps to ensure that they can make their payments. In the event a payment is a missed or reduced, the loan may require additional collateral or changes to your program. Although not ideal this option can be exercised.

The loan is repaid through the accumulated cash values from your policy. However, other options include out of pocket contributions via outside funds or a combination of other methods. It is highly recommended to plan for different repayment methods. We work with you and your tax and legal professionals to ensure the strategies we recommend are suitable for your situation.

Life insurance is one of the most flexible and efficient cash flow strategies because it offers you a guaranteed, tax-free returns. That’s why it belongs in a truly diversified portfolio as an investment alternative. For example, clients can ask us to structure a proposal that targets a specific amount of future tax-free income between the ages of 65 to 90. We can solve how much money needs to be contributed into your policy, while assuming a potential conservative rate of return and policy expenses. Of course, like any life insurance program, you must be insurable and it’s all in the policy design! The question is, “How much money do you want to buy?”

Life insurance isn’t just about death benefit protection, but simply a source of future tax-free money, which can be a real game changer! The additional leverage associated with our program will help you create greater long-term wealth, supplement your income, provide protection and uses a time-tested strategy that the wealthy have used for decades to create real wealth!

We have teamed up with Northstar Funding Partners, a nationally recognized leader in  this space. Also, Healthier Money’s 37 years of industry experience, ongoing due diligence, and by actively managing each program for our clients, it gives you the dedicated service that you need to be successful!

What Clients Are Saying

We really liked that we could plan for our kid's college funds down the road, and still have money left to build for our retirement. It was a great way to have one plan that could help us accomplish both needs and it's TAX-FREE!!

J.R. & S.H.

We have been very fortunate to have a sizable nest egg, but it's all in the stock market. 2008 is something we remember. Several of our friends had planned on retiring but lost a lot of money because of all the craziness. Now it was our turn to retire, and the last thing we wanted to worry about was the stock market dropping! The 5 Payments Plan gave us a way to build a strong foundation and have income for our retirement. It gave us terrific peace-of-mind!!

S.J. & D.J.

Most of my money is in my 401(k), so this gives me another way to build money for my retirement. I really like that it is also protected against the ups and downs of the stock market, unlike my 401(k). I just like having better control and some diversification!


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