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A Business Proposal

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You front all the money

You take all the risks

You make all the decisions

You can’t touch your money until a certain age because of a bunch of rules

And at the end of the business, you’ll be told what you can keep?

Would you want to go into this business?

 Yet, 60,000,000 people do this, it’s called their 401(K)!

However, what if we could give you much better control? Show you a way that banks and Fortune 1000 companies are successfully growing wealth and leverage their money into better outcomes. It begs a question, “If it’s good enough for them, why wouldn’t I look into this?”

Doesn’t this sound a lot better? 

Imagine, you have protection on your money against unforeseen risks?

You can use money any time you want?

Keep everything that you make?

Deal with less rules while keeping it very flexible

Even use this money to pay your bills if you got sick, hurt

Best of all, we can even use this to get you 100% DEBT-FREE quickly!

Doesn’t this sound a lot better? 

We will also give you a report to show you exactly how we are doing to do this! 

Healthier Money can free-up your cash flow, save you $1,000’s of dollars in lost interest payments, get you to OWN assets and keep you totally in control!

How open-minded are you to learn a better way? Go to and click on the “debt” link to help us learn more about you and how we can help.

Pat Moran has over 35 years of financial services experience and is a managing partner at Healthier Money. He is independent and specializes in financial education, reducing risks and tax favored strategies. He can be reached at (602) 571-1035 or www. 

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