Business Protection Program

Is your business compliant?

The Business Protection Program was created to help keep you compliant with IRS guidelines.

Why? Because most businesses aren't IRS Compliant!!!

  • Is your business keeping up to date with its corporate minutes?

  • Can you show the IRS why you are paying yourself what you do?

  • Most business owners aren’t.

What is the BPP Program?

The Business Protection Program (BPP) was created to assist tax professionals and business owners. By implementing this program, it helps keep your business IRS compliant and reduces your tax liability.


What Are Corporate Minutes?

Corporate minutes are a record that’s taken at meetings of managers of corporations. The minutes describe the actions and decisions that managers take at these meetings. We have made it simple, when you buy the program you have access to one of our corporate minutes assistants to take care of them for you.


What Is Reasonable Compensation?

Reasonable compensation is the value that would ordinarily be paid for like services by like enterprises under like circumstances. Reasonableness is determined based on all the facts and circumstances. In our program we generate a reasonable compensation report tailored to you. 


What Is The Home Retreat Deduction?

The home retreat deduction is a tax law that allows business owners to rent their personal residences to their business. Our program has a step-by-step guide to implementing this rule and we also provide the documentation we use when implementing it. This is a powerful tool that, more than likely, will pay for the program and some.

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$ 5000 for the first year
  • $495/yr for us to maintain:
  • Corporate Minutes
  • Reasonable Compensation Report
  • Home Retreat Deduction

All sales are final.

Helping you build a solid foundation.