On-Demand Financial Courses

Learn the essential keys to managing your money.

Giving you the tools to take control of your Financial Life!

Without a plan, direction or knowledge, dealing with your money can be a costly learning experience.

Key takeaways enrolling into our courses:

  • Sharing the steps to better money management.

  • Taking the “guesswork” out of what to do with your money.

  • Encouraging you with the motivation to change your financial habits.
  • Giving you the keys to building a solid financial foundation.

  • Sharing ways for you to save every month.

  • Providing 35 years of knowledge and expertise.

How is it that we end up with frustrating financial lifestyles? It’s often because we were simply never taught how to manage it. Healthier Money recognizes this problem and has created the solution. Through our easy to follow course, we show you the essentials to managing your money. When you have finished this series, You will have a full understanding of money management and know what to do, how to do it and have a healthier relationship with your money that lasts.

Your Healthier Money Course Subscription Includes ...

Frequently asked questions

Most of us struggle with money management because we have never been taught good financial habits. We are often left trying to figure out where to go for more information, or feel that this can be overwhelming.

However, this course was designed to teach several of the “basics” that are keys to laying the foundation for sound financial habits. The instructor, Pat Moran, has over 35 years of financial expertise, teaching seminars and giving numerous talks on how to improve your financial well-being. He breaks things down into easy to understand lessons and examples. To further improve your chances of success. Pat and his team have included a FREE consultation, so that you can ask questions or discuss your situation in further detail. This entire program is designed to help you by keeping it simple and giving you access to the tools that you need for success.

If you find yourself worrying, uncertain or stressed, you probably would benefit from being more financially literate. Money stress causes health problems, workplace distractions and relationship issues just to mention a few.  Having a better understanding of your money, helps you with many decisions like savings, emergency fund, debt management, investing and many others. An improvement in financial literacy has a profound impact on making better money choices that will give you more confidence, economic health and overall well-being.

NOW! Numerous studies have found that many Americans are unprepared for retirement, have little emergency funds and lack any type of financial plan. By getting financial education, you can easily get the knowledge and skills necessary to action. Also, the earlier you take action, the sooner you can put together a long term plan. Finally, learning the ins and outs of your finances, safeguards against being blindsided by unforeseen money problems. The only way things change is by taking action now!!

Presumably you got here because you were concerned or confused about your finances. The feedback from most people is that this course inspired them to get their finances in order. With our unique approach of a written guide, video learning and the ability to speak with an experienced financial coach, this program sets you up for success!