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ABC's of Fixed Annuities

A guide to give you a better understanding of fixed index annuities and how it can provide exciting benefits to your overall financial plan.

Demystifying IUL

This brochure explains the many terrific advantages that life insurance provides for income, tax-free earnings, and even helping to build a bridge for retirement.


Why this is a powerful tax planning idea and to learn how it could make sense for you.

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Life Insurance is a tool that has tremendous benefits but it’s often misunderstood, so this guide sheds new light on why it can make sense in a portfolio

Long-Term Care

Long-term care has many options and many people know so little about planning for it, so this brochure gets to the heart of the many important details.

Just How Safe is an Insurance Company Really?

This program explains how insurance companies protect the policy holders, what is meant by financial ratings and regulations, and other important facts when considering a life insurance company.

Income Optimized

This guide explores how life insurance can provide tax-free income through the power of arbitrage and how it can be used as an alternative strategy.

Building Your Bridge To Retirement

Life insurance could benefit your retirement planning in many different ways. This brochure gives the reasons for adding a life insurance program and includes examples to help you see why.

The New Alternative Asset

The reality is that life insurance can be a valuable asset in your overall financial strategy, offering much more than just death benefit protection.

The Secure Act

Many people have questions regarding the Secure Act and this tackles many of the answers, including the new rules on inherited IRA’s and qualified account mandatory withdrawals.

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