Investing in Alternatives

“Retire early!” has become an often-repeated slogan among some Americans who’ve retired before their 50th birthdays. What they don’t repeat is how daunting planning for retirement can be, not including the stress of deciding between the number of options available today. 

So how do you decide which one is right for you? And what’s the best way to create a steady stream of income in later years—minimizing potential devastating impacts from taxes or market downturns on retirees’ bank accounts and lifestyles as they age into semi-retirement?

The Alternative Strategy we are talking about, if correctly designed, can help you address your biggest retirement concerns in more ways than one. It boosts your accumulation potential, safeguards savings from downside market risks, and creates a stream of tax-free income for life. 

Here’s how we do it:

Indexed crediting

Are you concerned about the impact of market volatility on retirement savings? 

You’d be crazy to not be, the stock market is accompanied by a lot of unpredictabilities…

But indexed crediting can help protect your retirement savings from downside risk, without sacrificing any potential returns! This is because it locks in an interest rate close to what you would get if investing long term – a 0% floor when markets dip means that you won’t lose any money due to market downturns.

Tax-free retirement income

Nearly $1 of every $3 spent by high-income retirees goes to taxes…

The startling reality of the impact of taxes is impossible to ignore.

Luckily, the alternative strategy offers more control over how your retirement income is taxed. 

We do this by turning your traditional IRA into a tax-smart retirement income vehicle, whereby you can potentially minimize taxes over the long term. You will have to pay $37,500 during the accumulation phase and no taxes during income years, as opposed to deferring taxes during the accumulation phase and paying $151,890 in taxes during the income years – a considerably better deal if you ask me!

Moreover, when you combine tax-free benefits with indexed crediting, you can increase your growth potential and protect savings from market dips, while also generating income that can last a lifetime!

Planning for your retirement should be relieving, not overwhelming. And it doesn’t have to be, thanks in large part to our alternative strategy – offering indexed crediting with a tax-free income potential that can give you more control over what’s happening with accumulation and generate a sustainable source of untaxed funds designed so they last you a lifetime. 

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