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At Healthier Money, we believe everyone should be able to live the financial life they deserve. Our professionals will help you create a custom strategy to carry you into a healthier financial future.


Pat Moran |  CEO / Managing Partner

With more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry, Pat Moran continues to enjoy fulfilling his lifelong calling of helping others pursue financially healthy lives.

Having managed hundreds of millions of dollars and knowing the business inside and out, Pat believes there is a better way, not only for the agent, but for the client, to pursue financial success. He steers clear of the traditional fee-based managed money. Instead, he focuses on a tailored approach to clients’ income strategies, prioritizing their life goals through a variety of financial products.

Pat has held numerous designations over the years but currently chooses to maintain one, Certified Financial Educator (CFE). He believes education is the most important factor in driving action and positive change in people’s lives. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University.

Pat is a family man through and through. A husband of more than 20 years and proud father of four, he lives for his kids and their achievements.


Brock Brenneman  |  Planning Associate

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Brock graduated from Indiana University in 2017. After working in business development for the Phoenix Suns, he joined the Healthier Money team in early 2019. Brock accepted the role at the firm, in large part, because he saw how lost many of his coworkers were when it came to their own personal finances

As part of the firm, Brock is involved in all aspects of coordinating new business efforts, servicing current clients, developing new marketing initiatives and staying up to date with the most current financial strategies. Brock prides himself on being someone his clients can trust - providing unbiased information that addresses their needs.

He especially enjoys working with younger clients in creating long-term savings plans. He is licensed in life and health insurance in both Arizona and California. In his spare time, Brock likes to spend time with family and friends, whether that's on the gold course, hiking, or lakeside.

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