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Saving $5 A Day

Just Saving $5 a day Could Change Your Life!

What if you could improve dramatically by simply saving just $5 a day? 

Changing your mindset, being less financially stressed-out, making a commitment to do it regularly and automatically! Imagine that the first bill to pay every month is YOU!!!

If you saved just $5 a day, you will save $150 over 30 days: 

  • Start savings or emergency account
  • Get a life insurance program with critical and chronic illness 
  • Pay down debt quicker 
  • Invest in 1 share of stock in a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)

If you saved $5 a day for 6 months, you’ll save $900:

  • A bigger emergency fund, investing and saving more, paying down more debt faster, saving thousands of dollars in wasted interest
  • Gas up your car for months 
  • Take a trip 

If you saved $5 a day for a year, you would have over $1800!

  • A big payment to “snow ball” your debt down faster
  • A college class at a community college or trade course
  • A dream trip

How do I do this? One less coffee at Starbucks, bringing lunch to work, closing worthless subscriptions, saving that gym membership, etc, etc. By identifying money that can be better used elsewhere, you can positively impact your financial future….FOREVER! You can actually start investing when you supposedly have little to no money! 

“Everyone needs to start somewhere and there’s no such thing as never having too little to save or invest!” Small changes can lead to big results! A dream that absolutely can come true and we will help you!!

Pat Moran is managing partner for healthier money and has 35 years of experience protecting people against unexpected risks and specializes in solutions to be debt free and tax efficient. He can be reached at or (602) 571-1035 

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