Tax Free Retirement Account (TFRA)

  • You never pay taxes on growth, ever.
    This is 100% legal if your TFRA is set up to be compliant with current IRS tax-code.


  • You can contribute from $50k to $400k for higher net worth individuals making $125k AGI or $750k in business revenue
    Every cent in grows tax-free


  • You never report income to the IRS, Ever
    The IRS doesn’t classify “income” as “income” inside this kind of account.


  • Your growth is annually locked in
    When TFRAs are opened, you participate in the growth of your index while avoiding market losses. These gains lock in annually to create a new basis.

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TFRA. Putting you in control!

Compared to Traditional Account Options

With a Fully Taxed 401(k):

  • You pay taxes on growth (the minute you withdraw)
  • Your growth & principle is not guaranteed (most 401(k)s rise & fall in lockstep, with the market)
  • Your money is not liquid (early withdrawals are penalized up to 10%).

With a Roth IRA:

  • You don’t pay taxes on growth.
  • You can only deposit $6,000/yr
  • Growth & principle isn’t guaranteed – like most 401(k)s
  • Not liquid (same 10% early withdrawal penalty)

TFRA uses section 7702 of the tax code and decades of time tested results.

To include some of the following:

Creates tax-free income throughout retirement.
Puts you in control with no cumbersome 401(k) or IRA rules.
No downside market risk.
 Avoids probate and has potential creditor protection.
Protection for chronic (long term care) illness.
Complete access to your money regardless of your age .

Do You Qualify For A Tax-Free Retirement Account?

THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT available just to the super-rich. However, an account like this can only be technically set up if you or your family qualify for it. Reach out to us to see if you can take advantage of a TFRA today!

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