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Our unique shield strategy is designed specifically for investors that are concerned about better diversification, reducing market volatility, and want to safely grow and protect your money.

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Benefits of our program include:

How Our shield Strategy Works

A proven way to safely grow and protect your money.

Tax Free Retirement: Is This For You?

Is This For You?

As an investor, we often see that everything is invested in stocks, and hoping that everything works out. With our Shield Strategy, we provide a plan that reduces risk and is tax efficient allowing you to build a successful portfolio.

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We identify the keys issues that are important to you. With our custom designs, we tailor every program to fit your specific needs as an investor.

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Every investor receives a custom proposal that thoroughly addresses all aspects of their plan


Once we implement this program, you are protected from the downside risks of the stock market, have greater flexibility, more portfolio diversification, and numerous tax-free benefits.

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$500,000 portfolio
$12,000 funded for 15 years
Total Funded IUL: $180,000

Empowering you to take control of your financial future.

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  • We discuss your financial needs in great detail.

  • We determine what approach would be best for you.

  • Through our unique, educational process we then generate a custom report for you.

  • In this proposal, we detail the specifics of any strategy that we recommend to you.

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Shield Strategy

The Secret To Properly Diversifying & Protecting Your Money

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What Clients Are Saying


Pat did a great job explaining this strategy, and it really makes so much sense. Unfortunately, I'm sure that our broker would never have suggested this.



My wife & I were getting ready to retire and we felt that we had most of our money in stocks as our broker always preaches stocks, stocks, stocks. We felt it was time to take less risk with some of our money. The Shield Strategy showed us a great way to do this. What's crazy is that if we hadn't made those changes last year, we would be really nervous, and possibly delaying our retirement plans!



The Shield program was an answer to many of our concerns, and now with the craziness of the stock market, we would have been so worried. Following the Shield concept with a portion of our portfolio allows us to sleep a lot better at night!



Answers to the most common questions about this program.

Tax Free Retirement: FAQ's

This current market correction illustrates the amount of risks that most investors suffer with their portfolio invested mostly in stocks. There’s a lack of diversification and no plan to help them weather these storms more effectively. For example, adding our unique “Shield Strategy,” eliminates the downside risk of the stock market. It also provides many other benefits, such as generating lifetime income, reduces tax risks and even gives you layers of protection missing from most stock-based investment approaches.

Surprisingly, this strategy over the long term costs less than most fee-based money management.

Unfortunately, the investment community owes you an apology because most advisors are incentivized to recommend “stocks at all costs!” Financial pundits often have the same rhetoric, so investors miss out on other opportunities to protect and grow their money. The catch is being open-minded, looking past the “Herd Mentality” or “Fear of Missing Out (FOMO),” to consider other prudent ways to protect and grow your money.    

Most people don’t realize that building a properly diversified portfolio should have an accumulation plan paired with a distribution strategy. This adds a terrific blend to reduce  overall risks, grows your money more efficiently, gives you tremendous flexibility, and lots of income. Many investors have heard about a proper blend or balance of 60% stocks/40% fixed income, so adding “The Shield Strategy” is a great way to do this, even adding much more value than the traditional 40% fixed income approach.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous benefits such as being protected from the downside losses of the stock market, and locking in your gains annually so that you can never go backwards. Other features include our tax-free design, no cumbersome rules and regulations to follow, it’s creditor/asset protected, and substantial future income potential. There’s even built-in coverage for critical & chronic illness protection. As a piece of your portfolio, it can help you “sleep better at night.”

We bring over 37 years of money management expertise, and an independent focus that tailors each design to fit your needs. We have no set agendas or proprietary products allowing us to offer time tested strategies with established track records. We actively manage each relationship, providing continued due diligence, timely advice and ongoing service. 

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